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Tick & Mosquito Control

We choose to be organic practitioners for the love of plants, soil and our clients. These relationships grow deeper even more as we encounter new challenges. Ticks, bedbugs, mosquitoes and ants have given us just that challenge. We obsess on finding healthy methods to free us humans from exposure to unnecessary pesticides and the creepy crawly in life. We sleep well at night believing that our infestation preventions and monitoring is the finest and smartest way to protect your family and home. Avoid unnecessary pesticides in your home and the pests who want to be there too.


Organic Shrub & Tree Care

Our five-visit organic shrub and small tree program provides for the nutritional needs of your prized specimens and helps to fight off pests and disease that trouble them. It Includes application of both granular and liquid fertilizers, oils and soap, insecticides and compost tea.


Landscape Design

We love creating ecosystems that welcome people at play and work, birds nesting and feeding, and butterflies fluttering. A well designed garden is a reinder of seasons, time changes and hope of the next seasons arrival. Whether it is our signature perennial garden with its season long succession of floral displays, a boisterous English style cottage, a serene shade garden or a traditional long island style foundation bed. The Natural Way has the green thumbs and the ideas your are looking for!




Organic Lawn Care

Our six visit organic lawn care program meets the lawn's nutritional needs and provides weed and disease fighting support. It includes two applications of a unique, blended organic fertilizer, one application of crabgrass suppressing corn gluten, two applications of compost tea which is rich in beneficial microorganisms and trace minerals, as well as one application of PH soil building material.




Larger Tree Care Program

The basic program is a series of protective applications of oils and soaps applied intelligently between April & October. Nourishment for larger trees is best done by deep root feeding in May and then again in October. For those trees susceptible to gypsy moth damage there is a specific program of fungal and bacterial sprays in May. This prevents the trees from stripping all of their foliage and further exhausting their nutrient reserves.




Herbs & Herb Gardens

"Through the years the aroma, the taste and the medicinal value of herbs have made me increasingly passionate about discovering and learning of herbs. As any found treasure should be shared for the benefit of all, this is a treasure i've found and it is my desire to share with you. For this purpose i've designed a number of herb gardens around some of the most valuable aromatics, culinary and medicinals. I hope this package will interest you and stimulate a greater desire to become acquainted with the wonderful gifts that nature has made available for all of us." - Antonio


Our Mission

We hold deep beliefs that you can promote life without the use of harmful means, which is not only dangerous for the planet we call home, but for all of it's inhabitants.

All of the methods and materials we use are specifically and carefully chosen for their unique ability to increase that value and long-term viability. Caustic, toxic chemical materials destroy life and ultimately soil fertility, leading to a host of plant problems (and people) problems! Conventional chemical landscaping devalues the soil, period.

For most, the decision to turn against the "norm" of society and seek organics boils down to health concerns.

Concerns for our family members, our beloved pets, our communities, ourselves and the planet! Synthetic pesticides and fertilizer use continues to be linked to a variety of environmental and health problems. Being assured that your property is being cared for with materials that pose little to no threat to anyone is reason enough to turn to us for all your organic needs!

Organic landscaping begins with the core understanding that healthy plants depend on healthy soil.

A steward works with nature to build fertility and enhance the soil and surrounding ecosystem. Healthy, well-balanced soil is the immune system of the planet! The foundation of our plantings is well thought out, using compost as it's main backbone.



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Meet Antonio!


Mio Amore

"My love cannot be contained,
Overflows like a spring almost divine,
Runs continuously, fills every void.

Like a tsunami overwhelms,
Like a summer breeze refreshes,
Like the sound of music without pause,
Like a symphony without end
With a tempo that often changes,
My love melodically will penetrate,
Will saturate,
Reaching the most profound parts of you.

My love for you has no condition-
It existed before I existed;
It will exist eternally
After my body will vanish
Without trace of memory of me."

- Antonio

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