About Us

We hold deep beliefs that you can promote life without the use of harmful means, which is not only dangerous for the planet we call home, but for all of its inhabitants.

All-Natural & Organic Landscape Care. Enriching your family’s life with sustainable landscape care. We’ve served Long Island since 1989.

We promote life without the use of harmful means, which is not only a benefit for the planet we call home but for all of its inhabitants.

All of the methods and materials we use are specifically and carefully chosen for their unique ability to increase value and long-term viability.

Caustic, toxic chemicals  destroy life and ultimately soil fertility, leading to a host of plant problems and people problems! Conventional landscaping devalues the soil, period.

For most, the decision to turn against the “norm” of society and seek organics boils down to health concerns.

Concerns for our family members, our beloved pets, our communities, ourselves and the planet! Synthetic pesticides and fertilizer use continues to be linked to a variety of environmental and health problems. Being assured that your property is being cared for with materials that pose little to no threat to anyone is reason enough to turn to us for all your organic horticultural needs!

Organic landscaping begins with the core understanding that healthy plants depend on healthy soil.

A steward works with nature to build fertility and enhance the soil and surrounding ecosystem. Healthy, well-balanced soil is the immune system of the planet! The foundation and backbone of all our plantings is the use of compost (the soul of soil). That foundation will ensure plants a long, healthy, and happy life.

Little girl laying on the lawn
Puppies playing on the grass

Meet Antonio!

Il Mio Amore
“My love cannot be contained,

Overflows like a spring almost divine,

Runs continuously, fills every void.
Like a tsunami overwhelms,
Like a summer breeze refreshes,
Like the sound of music without pause,
Like a symphony without end
With a tempo that often changes,
My love melodically will penetrate, Will saturate,
Reaching the most profound parts of you.
My love for you has no condition-
It existed before I existed;
It will exist eternally after my body will vanish

Without a trace of memory of me.”
– Antonio