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Landscape Design

We love creating ecosystems that welcome people at play and work, birds nesting and feeding, and butterflies fluttering. A well-designed garden is a reminder of seasons, time changes, and hope of the next season’s arrival. Whether it is our signature perennial garden with its season-long succession of floral displays, a boisterous English style cottage, a serene shade garden, or a traditional Long Island style foundation bed. The Natural Way has the green thumbs and the ideas you are looking for!

summer garden path

Outdoor Lighting

Create a romantic and beautiful ambiance in your garden.

driveway lighting

Water Garden Features

With our partner Rob, a veteran in water feature buildings, we will design and install one-of-a-kind water features on your property. The ecological system will include rocks, gravel, river stones, and aquatic plants. These elements will ensure clear and healthy water without the addition of any chemicals or mechanical filtration.

Lily pond designed by Pond Paradise Designs Inc

Herb Gardens

“Through the years the aroma, the taste, and the medicinal value of herbs have made me increasingly passionate about discovering and learning of herbs. As any found treasure should be shared for the benefit of all, this is a treasure I’ve found and I desire to share with you. For this purpose, I’ve designed several herb gardens around some of the most valuable aromatics, culinary, and medicinals. I hope this package will interest you and stimulate a greater desire to become acquainted with the wonderful gifts that nature has made available for all of us.” – Antonio

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