Your Lawn Wants to Breathe!


Your lawn needs oxygen to breathe, it absorbs the air through its roots, this is why Aeration is incredibly important in keeping your lawn healthy and vibrant.

The Above illustration shows the exchange of O2 (oxygen) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) as the roots of the plants breathe through the holes!


If after the summer has passed and your lawn has been compromised from extreme heat, mowing, and continuous use – then aeration is for you. Late summer is the time to schedule.

When the days grow shorter, it is the ideal weather to plant new grass seeds. Seed selection is site-specific and we choose the absolute best seed with qualities to resist many common turfgrass diseases and insects. When it comes to seed, the adage “you get what you pay for” is so very true. We invest in the very best seed varieties because they will treat us both well for years to come.

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