Mosquitoes Abatement The Natural Way

We hold deep beliefs that you can promote life without the use of harmful means, which is not only dangerous for the planet we call home, but for all of its inhabitants.

Mosquitoes are a nuisance and they can carry different types of diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever, West Nile Virus etc. Below are the methods and game plans we have developed over the years to abate and kill mosquitoes naturally. In the chemical pesticide world, there are very comprehensive chemical dispensing systems. One method even dispenses a toxic pesticide mist over your entire property every sixty seconds from a plumbing system. This practice kills not only mosquitoes but all other insects in the yard, including the beneficial insects.

Conventional methods although fairly effective and relatively inexpensive have a variety of side effects on ourselves and our environment.

It is understandable how one would want all mosquitoes dead and double dead by such a system. We all have wished such things while running, swatting, and crying out for God’s deliverance. Whole neighborhood spraying by truck or this nearly constant exposure to synthetic pesticides every thirty seconds may give relief, but there are consequences.

They open Pandora’s box of issues ranging from personal health, legal liabilities with neighbors, and forging resistant varieties of pests.

Mosquito Abatement The Natural Way

James Gathany, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

There is hardly a greater pleasure for us than providing organic mosquito abatement services for our clients. Sure, seeing our natural lawns with playing children constantly solidifies in our minds the big Why of what we do. – Antonio

While a new landscape in bloom gets us accolades from neighbors. And we love the applause.

It’s battling it out with blood-sucking disease carry mosquitoes is an adventure we love like few others. To win the battles organically makes success all the sweeter.

With 176 known species of mosquitoes, each having its own set of behaviors and preferences this task is daunting. We however believe that with consistent and ongoing trapping, killing, and repelling there is a relief. Will we vanquish every last mosquito in your neighborhood? Probably not. But we will drastically reduce their numbers where you live, play, and cook outdoors.

Please keep in mind we are fighting blood-thirsty female mosquitoes that must have a meal of blood to keep another generation, their family reputation, and their name alive.

Traps alone may not be enough to keep you happy and the suckers dead. This is especially important when it is also the most time and material-consuming tool. It, therefore, is the most expensive as well.

Our Four-layer Program:

– Setting Up Several Types of Traps
– Bacterial Warfare
– Botanical Larvacides
– Organic Insecticide Repellants

 We do this all organically with materials we are very comfortable having around our own families and friends.

There are several layers of protection we offer. Please feel free to pick and choose the elements of protection you want. The greatest protection is with all four layers of trapping, larvacides, repellants, and insecticides. As with any of our services, you are not committed in any way to the entire season or program. However, it works best when you allow us to plan and execute the timing and the complete program.

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