Create Your Own Paradise Water Garden

We hold deep beliefs that you can promote life without the use of harmful means, which is not only dangerous for the planet we call home, but for all of its inhabitants.

The Natural Way Organic Landscaping has joined forces with Pond Paradise Designs to create wonderful ecosystems in Suffolk County, Long Island. Rob, a veteran in water feature buildings, will design and install one-of-a-kind water features on your property. You can choose a pond & waterfall, pondless waterfall, fountainscape with a complete ecological filtration system.

Pond Paradise Designs - Waterfall design with Maple Tree
Water fall & pond designed by Pond Paradise Designs Inc

The ecological system will include rocks, gravel, river stones, and aquatic plants. These elements will ensure clear and healthy water without the addition of any chemicals or mechanical filtration.

Lighting will prolong the enjoyment of the pond with drama and romance at night.

Waterfall and lighting designed by Pond Paradise Designs

We, The Natural Way Organic Landscaping will complete this dream project with the addition of appropriately chosen plants, not only for the pleasing of the eye but also for providing a friendly environment to our very previous pollinators to your garden. The Natural Way’s final touch will naturalize the area as if the pond had been there forever.

Lily pond designed by Pond Paradise Designs Inc
Water garden with lily pads designed by Pond Paradise Designs

To benefit from special offers, use promo code LAGUNA22 when you contact The Natural Way Organic Landscaping to arrange a free evaluation to determine the best location for your water feature on your property. Take advantage of this opportunity NOW before the offer expires on March 21, 2022. The sooner we plan the garden design, the sooner you get in line to get your project started.