Our Vision

We hold deep beliefs that you can promote life without the use of harmful means, which is not only dangerous for the planet we call home, but for all of it’s inhabitants.

This is our vision that we are beyond grateful to hold.

Healing Our Island.

Long Island, the place we call home has been saturated with harmful pesticides and fertilizers for approximately 100 years. Our mission is to supply Long Island with organic alternatives for every horticultural and indoor pest control need. Together we take on the role of stewards of the earth.

“Whatever we put in the soil returns to our body. We have never and will never be able to cut the umbilical cord from our mother. With whatsoever she gets nourished so we will also.” – Antonio

Each property is a divine gift, filled with an overwhelming abundance of life.

One way that we can restore life to the soil by introducing our beloved compost (The Soul of Soil). Hundreds of millions of microorganisms in the compost are the backbone and foundation of a thriving planet. Then, minerals are introduced to keep conditions in balance.

We put our love into the land and it gives us back many folds. When depleted soil comes back to life, the plants begin to thrive. Many beneficial creatures come to join us in the endeavor. The bees come to pollinate, the butterflies show off their beauty, and the birds come back with hymns of joy and gratitude.

Here at The Natural Way

we hold a deep belief and vision

to heal our planet by creating ecosystems

one piece at a time.

Your understanding and desire to transform your property into a Little Eden – in an oasis in a desert of concrete and harmful pesticide (poisons)-, your willingness to trust us in the conversion process, and in the stewardship will give us the motivation and encouragement always needed to make our vision come true.

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